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Captains’ Conference 2017

3rd November 2017 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

| Free

Over 200 executives and officials from The Hague / Rotterdam region will join us for an inspiring morning at WTC The Hague.

Prof. dr. Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director at INSEAD will give a sneak preview of our region’s first ranking in the Global Cities Talent Competitiveness Index (GCTCI). The Index aims at boosting the quality and impact of private and public decisions in the vital and interconnected fields of technology, innovation and human resources.

In 2016, Copenhagen was Nr.1 at the pilot edition of GCTCI. Director of Talent Attraction Nikolaj Lubanski is willing and able to share how they did!

Engage in a lively discussion on talent attraction and retention as an attribute for enduring businesses, cities and regions. Experience the Art of creating a Global Talent Hub.


Pauline Krikke | Mayor The Hague

The Mayor of The Hague, Pauline C. Krikke, will officially open the ICP Captains’ Conference 2017. Mrs. Krikke has been in office since March 2017 and builds upon an interesting career in public administration, international relations and economic affairs in the cities of Amsterdam and Arnhem.



Prof Bruno Lanvin |Executive Director –  INSEAD’s Global Indices

Prof. Bruno Lanvin is the Executive Director of INSEAD, managing teams in Paris, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Before joining INSEAD, he worked for the The World Bank. Bruno is a frequent speaker at high-level meetings and advisor of a series of companies and governments worldwide. At the CC 2017 he will show the impact of pushing the buttons of the Global Cities Talent Competitiveness Index and give guidance for the MRDH region to becoming a Global Talent Hub.


Nikolaj Lubanski | Director for Talent Attraction – Copenhagen Capacity

Driven by his passion to improve society through globalisation, Nikolaj has served a number of private and public institutes. He is the author of several books and publications on innovating talent attraction. Copenhagen is Nr. 1 in the GCTCI 2016 – how did they do that? Nikolaj beliefs in the power of sharing. In order to ensure talent to opt for a career in our part of the world, European metropoles are partners rather than competitor.


Rosa Groen | PhD candidate and Lecturer

Rosa is a PhD researcher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Her focus: the location policies of International Organizations (IO’s) and responses to it by Western European cities.  She evaluated specific employee focused criteria in the requests for info of IOs and compared the offers of a number of international cities: The Hague, Vienna, Geneva and Copenhagen.


Thierry Bouffioux | Investor

Thierry Bouffioux  is investor, independent provocative advisor and co-founder of several startups. He advises companies (Small – Medium – Large) on creating synergies from multi-generatiol, -national and -disciplinary organisations. Accelerating growth by cross-over business models. He offers entrepreneurial endeavors to global talent on a mission. Thierry will give us an insights in talent-related drivers in investment decisions.


Nicole van Haelst | Director ICP

 ‘Lead engineer’ of the ICP Captains’ Conference, Nicole van Haelst is a serial entrepreneur in creating connections. She currently is the founder and director of the International Community Platform (ICP), Check-NL.com and co-founder of Lift. ICP research has shown that MRDH region has ALL it takes to be(come) an enduring Global Talent Hub Her mission: enabling growth for people and business in the context of globalisation and technological developments.


Julia Taddei | Brazil| Legal counsel

Julia Taddei is a legal counsel with 10+ year international legal experience in Rio de Janeiro, London, The Hague and Rotterdam. Her life-career is a showcase of global citizenship.   Julia sees opportunities for city excellence to attract, grow and retain global talent.



Vincent van de Poll | NL | Growth Hacker

Vincent van de Poll, entrepreneur who just returned from 5 years living and working in Silicon Valley, the world’s largest talent magnet. Vincent is co-founder of Direct Impact a company helping companies grow their ebusiness. One of these companies is Lift: a The Hague based startup introducing an innovative matching tool providing career recommendations based on people’s Passion, Purpose and Potential.


Anna Jane Lester | USA | Musician

 Anna Jane Lester began her violin studies at age four in Jacksonville, Florida. The immediate connection with the musical language of the baroque got her into the famous Juilliard School in New York for a Master of Music in Historical Performance. What – in addition to the great reputation of the Royal Conservatoire – made her move to The Hague?



Initiatives creating a Global Talent Hub


Olga Wielders| The Hague Tech

Right in the heart of Dutch decision-making action. The Hague’s first tech-community on a mission to change the world. A place where ‘hipsters, hackers & hustlers’ gather to bring innovation to life.

Get in touch: olga@thehaguetech.nl



Laurens Kok | The Hague Business Agency

You want your business or organisation to grow in Europe. You want access to entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists. A vast digital infrastructure. An international community. Fiscal facilities. A highly educated population. It’s all here!  

Get in touch: l.kok@thehague.com


Kieran Early | British School in the Netherlands

As an ‘Internationally British’ school, the BSN is enriched by a hugely diverse community of over 2.300 students composed of 80+ nationalities. International education versus internationalising education and what’s missing in the future of education?

Get in touch: Kieran.Earley@britishschool.nl


Frank Uffen | The Student Hotel

How can employers support young talent with housing & community without the expat budget?
The Student Hotel is a co-living, co-working business model for young professionals, short-term assignments, trainees, expats, students and world travelers that provide a unique hybrid destination for a fast-growing international community.

Get in touch: frank@thestudenthotel.com


Deborah Valentine | Access

DualCareer Kwartet
ACCESS has been providing the partners of expats & international employees relocated to the Netherlands the opportunity to build a community, develop skills, and learn new ones. More than 80% of our volunteers are dual career candidates and we see their potential every day.

Get in touch: edirector@access-nl.org


Gerko Visee | The Hague International Centre

The Hague International Centre is the one-stop-shop for internationals in The Hague Area. They offer government services, information and a warm welcome to make internationals feel at home in The Hague.

Get in touch: gerko.visee@denhaag.nl



Rosa Groen | The Hague University of Applied Sciences

What can the International Organizations & The Hague learn from best practices of other cities?

How do cities compete more and more on an international level to host International Organizations? How come that, due to globalization, these policies of attracting and retaining organizations are in constant change, and what are the factors of success and failure of these policies?

Get in touch: r.s.groen@hhs.nl 


Johannes Wolters | Lift

The Hague based startup introducing an innovative matching tool providing career recommendations based on people’s Passion, Purpose and Potential. Lift provides businesses access to talent pools. What would you like to see from the candidates in these talent pools? What criteria are important for your business? What would you like to know about the talent besides the usual hard skills and experiences (resume)?

Get in touch: johannes@liftapp.com 


Mathijs Koper | World Startup Factory

‘How can international startup founders be an active and valuable part of  the (traditional) international community?’

WSF is helping founders build successful ventures with positive impact by exploring, learning and investing together. Create value for all involved stakeholders by the accelerated growth of carefully selected startups through a solid program and thriving network.

Get in touch: mathijs@worldstartupfactory.com


Mark Ruijsendaal | The Hague Security Delta

The Hague Security Delta (HSD) is the leading security cluster in Europe. In this Dutch cluster, located in The Hague, businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions work together on innovations and knowledge in the field of cyber security, national and urban security, protection of critical infrastructure, and forensics. They share a common goal: more business activity, more jobs and a secure world.

Get in touch: mark.ruijsendaal@thehaguesecuritydelta.com


Jorick Beijer | The Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 is Europe’s leading think tank on learning, living and working. Our vision is for cities to attract and retain the brightest young minds, and for them to lead the way to social and economic success in return. The Class is a pan-European network, with over 70 partners in real estate, higher education and city leadership.

Young talent is at the very core of a healthy corporate investment climate. So, how do we develop successful learning hubs in South-Holland, and what should clever employers bring to the table and expect to gain from it?

Get in touch: jorick@theclassof2020.org


Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen | Border Sessions

Each year the international technology festival Border Sessions gathers a passionate crowd of makers, scientist, innovators, students, creative pioneers and many others in The Hague, offering more than 100 sessions, workshops, labs and meetups. But despite the success many managers do not dare to let their employees visit the event. “I wanted to go, but unfortunately I couldn’t take a day leave for this.” We hear it too often. How can we change this? We came up with a couple of solutions for this and look forward to validate this during CC2017.

Get in touch: gj@dutch-coast.com


Borre Rosema| Central Innovation District

The Hague is working on the development of a Central Innovation District. We briefly describe what we understand exactly, how we work and how far we are.

The question is how contributes the development of a Central Innovation District to maintaining and attracting talent.  

Get in touch: Borre.rosema@denhaag.nl   


Michel Koning | Service Voucher

In the context of a more inclusive labor market, the municipality of The Hague introduces the service voucher, a platform where expats and certified domestic workers meet. Goal of this voucher is to create new (legal) sustainable jobs at the bottom of the labor market.

The central questions of this validation session are: is there a need of domestic (or other) workers within the expat community? And to what extent can employers facilitate/motivate their international employees to use the service voucher?

Get in touch: m.koning@radaradvies.nl


Marco de Vries | Jacobs  

Jacobs is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction service. Jacobs has more than 54000 employees around the world in more than 230 offices on all continents. Jacobs is listed in the S&P 500 stock market index, and traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol JEC. Our headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. The question is: How can we contribute as companies in the region to be attractive to talent and what can we leverage on by creating a Talent Management network?

Get in touch: marco.devries@jacobs.com


Patrick de Lange | Sound – the future of work

We are Sound. We are strategists, technologists, innovators and business developers that share a passion for exponential technology, collaboration and building tomorrow’s business.

We help our clients embrace the opportunities that new technology offers and create growth.





The Art of creating a Global Talent Hub

08.30 Coffee & croissants  
09.00 Opening CC 2017 Marloes Michon, ICP Board member

Pauline Krikke, Mayor of The Hague

Julia Taddei, Brazil
  Nicole van Haelst, Director ICP
Good practices in Europe Nikolaj Lubanski, Director for Talent Attraction Copenhagen Capacity

Rosa Groen, PHD candidate The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Henk Heemskerk, International Criminal Court

Jorick Beijer, Moderator

Anna Jane Lester, USA
Talent related investment criteria Thierry Bouffioux, Investor
Vincent van de Poll, NL
Validating Talent Hub initiatives
“Talent and Technology”:
The Global Cities Talent Competitiveness Index 2017
Prof. Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director INSEAD Global Indices
  Jelle Nederstigt, Vice President Operations at Jacobs
Networking Brunch  
12.00 End  



3rd November 2017
8:30 am - 12:00 pm


World Trade Center The Hague
Prinses Beatrixlaan 582
The Hague, 2595 BM Netherlands
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