ICP Knowledge Partners

In January 2016 ICP announced the ICP Knowledge Partner Program which gives Service Providers, Governments, IGO/NGO’s and educational institutions access to the ICP network and events.

Borrie Expatriate Services

B Apart Hotels

Beeuwkes Real Estate

Zo International Childcare

Zein International Childcare

Port Health Centre

De Clercq

True Colors Delft

PAS BMS Relocation Services

TULIP Expats Services

Volunteer The Hague

Young The Hague


Altair Global

KIT Intercultural Professionals

Settle Service

Expat Mortgages



Lindy Nikken Real Estate


Find the service you need

If building a successful career in the Netherlands is your mission, we are here to help. Check-NL is a 3-in-1 toolkit, information, search and peer reviews on Dutch providers. A kind of ‘TripAdvisor for Internationals’, safe & simple. Initiated by some of the major international employers, a trusted source with expat-generated content. Spend less time searching & find the providers that meet your expatations!