ICP - International Community Platform

'In the war on talent, talent has won'

ICP is the global talent catalyst, that aims to improve living and working environment of global talent. We create opportunities for growth by improving connections between it’s members, governments, educational institutes, service providers, innovation hubs & programs, to improve the quality of life on topics relevant for international employees in The Netherlands.

Employer platform

“How do I attract talent?”

Small, medium and large companies that depend on international talent are welcome to join ICP. Service providers that address the international community are welcome to join the ICP Knowledge Partner Program.

Research & Alignment

“What does talent want?”

ICP researches the wishes and needs of global talent, analyses the gap and comes up with practical solutions.

Connecting / Networking

“How can I expand my network?”

ICP improves connections by facilitating on-and offline network events , where stakeholders can meet each other, connect and create growth opportunities.

Growth opportunities

“How can I improve connections?”

ICP improves connections between all stakeholders in the The Hague region to uncover and nurture opportunities for growth.

Upcoming events

ICP Captains' Conference 2020

17 April, 8:30 - 13:00 hrs @WTC The Hague

Connecting the executive network of the ICP organizations, (local) government and business.

International City Podium 2020


A vibrant networking experience that helps you connect to people and business that match your passion and interests!



I was struck by the potential and power of the ICP to connect businesses, educators and communities.
It is unusual to find such a multi-disciplinary group (schools, universities local authorities, businesses, local enterprise partnerships) committed to working together; we’re proud to be a sponsor at the BSN.